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We work with documentary filmmakers around the world to bring you their views of their own communities and cultures.

Our adaptations of intercultural documentaries are broadcast on the PBS World Channel, and available for home and classroom use.

Living Earth Television, LETV, searches out the finest documentaries made by professional and independent filmmakers in communities around the world. We work with the filmmakers to adapt their films for international audiences, and then offer them to audiences via broadcast, educational settings, and streaming.

LETV is presenting a series of award-winning documentaries from China for World Channel audiences. The first film of the series, One Child, premiered in May, and we expect the next film, Kindergarten, to be scheduled later this year.

Below, you can find trailers for all four films from the first season of the LETV series China Inside Out, which are appearing on the PBS World Channel as part of their DocWorld program.


Your support is very important to our ongoing work. LETV’s adaptations of world-class documentary films for American audiences is very cost-effective: we can deliver top-quality programming at a small fraction of the cost of original productions. And best of all, we offer audiences views of the world not available anywhere else – through the eyes of local filmmakers, who have unparalleled access to their own communities.


National broadcasts of award-winning documentaries from Living Earth TV (LETV) began in May of 2017 on the DocWorld program on the World Channel from PBS. LETV is preparing English versions of four outstanding documentaries from China, made by Chinese filmmakers, for broadcast this year. One Child, the first of the four films, was directed by Mu Zijian, and was shortlisted for the Academy Awards in Short Documentary, as one of eight films from which the 2015 nominees were selected.

Film Trailers

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Sponsors for any or all of the four programs will receive two fifteen- or thirty-second on-air promotions on every broadcast of the programs sponsored, as well as streaming from the PBS World website.  Programs will air nationally a minimum of nine times, reaching an audience estimated at two million viewers per program. 

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