Programming on LETV

Living Earth Television programming for broadcast and education showcases these facets of human life:

  • Our Global Neighborhood: Stories of people, families and communities, ordinary and extraordinary.
  • The World of Children: Kids around the world share their lives, fun, arts, music, food, families and learning.
  • Earth Works: Highlights successful projects promoting sustainable communities, education, environmental conservation and restoration, and the protection of wildlife.
  • Arts and Artisans: Local music, crafts, theater and fine arts from cities, towns and villages around the globe, from the perspective of the participants.
  • Spiritual Practices: Exploring people’s relationship to the sacred around the world, in personal lives and cultural contexts.
  • Peace Makers: Celebrating the efforts and successes of people and organizations working to heal conflict and bring peace at every level, from families and neighbors to nations.
  • Bridges/Global Citizens: Stories of individuals and families who have have roots and ties in multiple cultures.


China Inside Out

Four Chinese Documentaries for Broadcast on PBS World

Living Earth Television (LETV) has identified and licensed four outstanding contemporary documentaries about Chinese life and culture, all made by Chinese filmmakers.  PBS World, a sister channel to the main PBS channel, has agreed to broadcast LETV’s new English-language adaptations of these four films, in a pilot project on which future acquisitions and broadcasts will be modeled. 

The four films, which will be scheduled for broadcast in 2014-15 (dependent on receiving funding for necessary adaptation and technical preparations), are from four different sources in China.  One, A Bite of China: Staple Foods, is from a series by China Central Television (CCTV) which has been immensely popular in China, and for which LETV will prepare an entirely new English-language narration with the full support of CCTV.  Another documentary, called Horsemen, is from a professor at the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts.  A third film, One Child, was made by a Chinese filmmaker from Sichuan who did graduate studies at New York University, who was awarded a Student Academy Award in May of 2014. The fourth film is one also well-known and beloved in China, Kindergarten, by Zhang Yiqing of Hubei TV.  

These four films do not claim to give a comprehensive overview of contemporary China, but rather, glimpses into important aspects of ordinary life in various regions and subcultures.  


Educational Programs

Living Earth TV is currently developing a range of course materials based on video documentaries by local filmmakers about their own cultures.  These will be made available to teachers, and will include supporting text materials.