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Submission Guidelines
If you have a completed program that you would like to submit to Living Earth Television for consideration for broadcast, please follow these guidelines.

  • Programs must be submitted by the person or organization that holds the legal right to license the programs for broadcast.
  • Programs may be submitted for preview online or on DVD, any standard. DVDs cannot be returned to the sender, but LETV will acknowledge the receipt of all programs and convey any opinions regarding their suitability for broadcast.
  • At the present time, programs must be in English or Chinese, or have an English transcript of all narration and speaking. Program format must be able to accept both subtitled and voice-over translations. Final translations will be done by LETV, and are not the responsibility of the filmmaker, although filmmakers' participation and approval will be sought.
  • A written synopsis of the program, in English, must be included with the program. Written credits and contact information for the person submitting the program must also be included.
  • Programs of any length may be submitted; it may be necessary at times to ask filmmakers to shorten their works to fit a specific time slot, although we expect to have some flexibility to air programs that do not fit traditional American time slots.
  • No program will be broadcast without the written permission of the copyright holder.
  • No DVD received by LETV will be used for any purpose other than deciding on its suitability for broadcast on Living Earth Television’s broadcast partners, and educational use, without the written consent of the copyright holder.

To submit a program for consideration, please email it to [email protected], or send a DVD to

Living EarthTelevision

702 E Pepperridge Drive, Bloomington, Indiana 47401 USA 


Please be sure that the name and address of the sender, and phone and email contact information, are clear. 

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