Our work is made possible

by the generous support of

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seeking to promote

the peaceful unfolding of global affairs. 


Your tax/deductible* donation in any amount will support LETV's ongoing work bringing world documentaries to world broadcast audiences and classrooms.  

*LETV is a 501(c)(3) organization. Donations are tax deductible in USA. 

Sponsors for any or all of the four programs will receive two fifteen- or thirty-second on-air promotions on every broadcast of the programs sponsored, as well as streaming from the PBS World website (worldchannel.org).  Programs will air nationally a minimum of nine times, reaching an audience estimated at two million viewers per program. . 

thank you to the following organizations and individuals for

supporting Living Earth TV



US China Educational Foundation

The Henry Luce Foundation

The Benton Foundation

The Rotary Club of Wilmette, Illinois

American Embassy, Beijing

Pauline Ministries Fund

Unity Northwest Church


Earth Circle Donors


Carole Stephenson

Nancy Foster 

Mary Zadrozny

Neighbors Circle Donors


Elaine Wood

JoAnn Ballard

Earon Davis

Peace Circle Donors


Richard Basofin

Barry Benson

Terry Edlin

Susan and Andrew Langan

Chris Ruggles

 Additional Donors

Christine Esposito

Linda Gerber

Ellen Katz

Karen Killinger

Jim Kline

Susan and Andrew Langan

Pat Lofthouse

Lance Lindquist

Kate Jia Ma

Brian Royer

Barbara and Don Kemp

Barbara Kurtz

Richard Rudy

John Yaworsky